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Simple, fast and accurate naadi yantra

With SaNaaY, anyone can take Naadi Pariksha. You get accurate results in 30 secs, there is a low upfront and low running cost.


Manage your Schedule on go.


Manage Patient’s and access their case history on go.

See what makes SaNaaY different

Naadi Pariksha, made easy

Setup SaNaay in just 4 steps.

1. Download SaNaaY app

Go to or scan the QR code

2. Register Doctor and Clinic

Enter doctor’s details and clinic details.


3. Turn on your mobile bluetooth

Your SaNaaY will automatically get paired .

4. Add Patients and Start testing

Choose naadi by SaNaaY for assessing vikriti of the patient and view results.

Android App

Download SaNaaY app!

User manual

Download user manual.

One app to manage and grow your practice.

How can SaNaaY help you?

Vikriti Analysis

Choose naadi by SaNaaY while assessing vikriti of the patient.


Generate, print and share reports from anywhere.

Connecting Doctors and Patients

Schedule appointments, access case history from anywhere.

Appointment Calendar

Manage your schedule from anywhere.

Patient Details

Manage patients’ profiles and access their case history on the go.

Personalised Information

Select recommendations for patients based on their doshas.

Get your SaNaaY toolkit!

And take Simple, fast and accurate Naadi Pariksha in 30 secs.

SaNaaY benefits your patients will enjoy

Connect Digitally

Doctors can access your case history on the go.


Share results with doctors from anywhere.

Personalised Report

Get custom report in pdf format

Is SaNaaY affordable?

We have kept upfront and subscription low enough that it is affordable


What is the scientific principle behind SaNaaY?

It works on the principle of pulse plethysmography (PPG). From the PPG we record seven vital signs vega, tala, bala, akruti matra, akruti tanaav, katinya and gati and convert it to Kapha, Pitta and Vata.

Can I enter my Naadi observation?

Instead of using the Naadi Yantra, Doctors have option to enter their own naadi observations.

Can I record my Prakriti?

Yes you can record the Prakriti based on our questionnaire. Alternatively  doctor and manually enter your Prakriti.

How can I share my report to patient?

Report can be printed or share electronically via wattsapp, sms etc.

Can I customize the report?

Doctors can generate reports using our database on food, yoga, meditation, pranayam, kriya, mudra etc.They also have an option to enter information manually